We believe businesses should play an important role in helping to solve some of the most pressing social, environmental and governance challenges the world faces.

And we are committed to offering products and services that are safe to individuals, created with respect and care for people and care of the planet’s resources.



Our ambition is to take part in the eco-ethical journey in a meaningful way, helping our hair and nail professionals as well as our consumers be more sustainable when they use our products.

With the creation of our new standalone entity we are working on establishing our new baselines and setting a series of tangible commitments towards 2030 that covers our business and value chain. This includes innovation, packaging, sourcing, manufacturing, transport and consumer use. We are aiming to communicate our new sustainability strategy and targets in the coming months.



We are already making progress, as illustrated by the following examples.

We  are starting from a solid environmental base from Coty’s Beauty That Lasts approach: all of our factories and distribution centers use 100% renewable electricity; all factories have energy reduction plans in place ; our factories and distribution centers are close to achieving zero waste to landfill and are working on reducing overall volume of waste as well as the recycling rate. Examples of environmental innovation include, our largest European Distribution Center in Weiderstadt, replacing all plastic parcel void fill materials with 100% recycled paper, which reduced the materials consumed and transported plastic by 46 tonnes  per year.

In August 2018 we launched our new eco-ethical activist professional hair care line weDo/ Professional. Our ambition is to continuously leverage and expand the efforts and learnings generated behind this new range to further improve the sustainability footprint of our entire professional portfolio.

We created and launched a salon sustainable operations online training in Spring 2020, with free and unlimited access to all hairdressers.

And more to come soon with the majority of the Wella color portfolio* using 100% recycled aluminum which avoids using 723 tons of virgin aluminum per year.**

(*incl. Koleston Perfect, Illumina, Color Touch and others) and all regions except ASIA
(**vs sourcing virgin aluminum)