Our environmental and social commitments

WE believe that business must be a catalyst for change, enabling people, organizations, and societies to collectively prosper. Our ESG ambition is at the very core of our business value proposition.

We aim to unleash the potential of our people, partners, and organization globally through environmental and social impact, while ensuring we build the right way through established governance. Embedded into our ethos is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, which embraces each person for who they are, how we operate and in how we support the industry and communities we serve. Our environmental and social impact journey is inherently connected to our commercial growth and in how we measure our value. As we make progress on our agenda to care for our planet and leave a positive impact on society, we will become a champion for change whose legacy will be worthy of our iconic history.

Some of our achievements so far include:


  • During our first year as a stand-alone company, we established our ESG goals and long-term plans and, through a Materiality Assessment of our global stakeholders, developed the prioritized framework with People, Planet, and Products as our pillars.

  • We conducted a baseline assessment of our Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions (GHG) and defined our decarbonization map to 2030. Our carbon strategy abides to the Paris Agreement as industry standard.


  • We proudly joined the UN Global Compact and committed to respect human and social rights.
  • We declared our ambition by publishing our plan, targets, and goals in Wella Company’s ESG Manifesto.
  • We presented our decarbonization targets and roadmap to our Board of Directors, who confirmed our plans. We then submitted our targets and actions to SBTi and received a validation in early 2023.


  • We published our first Environmental and Social Impact Report 2022 recording key achievements across People, Planet, and Products including:
    • People: Wella Company employees reached 59% female globally with 46% at the Director and Above leadership population. Wella Company also achieved its goal of 100% gender pay parity and Wella Company’s Board of Directors reached 58% female representation.

    • Planet: For Scope 1 and 2 in Carbon emissions, Wella Company reduced by 10%, achieved zero waste to landfill in its operations[1], and registered a -5.5% savings in water withdrawn per unit produced in the three factories based in Mexico, Germany, and Thailand.

    • Products: We achieved 98.85% of non-animal derived ingredients in our factories and 77% of recyclable, refillable, or reusable packaging with a goal of 100% by 2030.

Our pillars serve as our glide-path to deliver positive change: People, Planet, and Products. We commit to care for people across our value chain, to protect the natural resources of our planet, and to develop sustainable products.

Group of five people against gray background, man in the center holding a glass of champagne
People Pillar
Shot of tree from base of the trunk to green crown
Planet Pillar
Wella Elements products in a wooden bowl next to green leaves on light brown fabric
Products Pillar

Click here to read our ESG Report.

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[1]Where allowed by law (note: Mexico is excluded due to local regulations that require specific waste to be sent to landfill).