Microcitrus Australasica Fruit Extract

Microcitrus Australasica Fruit (Caviar Lime) Extract is rich in AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) or fruit acids which are known to be active exfoliators due to their low pH. Therefore it is widely used in Exfoliants. Caviar Lime Extract is also known to help to reduce cell adhesion in the outermost layer of hair without damaging and stripping them of their natural moisture. That helps smooth the surface by getting rid of the small imperfections and dirt, creating shine without causing damage (much like its exfoliation process with skin). In addition Caviar Lime Extract has been found to have three times the amount of antioxidants as other citrus fruit. This antioxidant effect helps reduce the effect of environmental stress and UV damage on colored hair, so it looks shinier and more vibrant for longer.