Wella Professionals’ Takes Balayage into the Light introducing ILLUMINAGE


Wella Professionals announces the launch of a new and exciting premium salon service of naturally blended highs and lows for a more natural and luminous hair color result.

Taking Balayage into the light, Wella Professionals introduces ILLUMINAGE, the state-of-the-art new premium service for sheer color results with natural luminosity.

With softer and sophisticated transitions, ILLUMINAGE enhances and extends the classic balayage technique that was first introduced in the 1970s and still remains the industry’s hottest hair trend. ILLUMINAGE is less contrasting than a classic balayage. What also separates ILLUMINAGE from its predecessor is that it creates a lightness around the perimeter with a natural crown area versus an all-over lightness.  

Seated at the helm of achieving the best cool blonde with natural and luminous balayage, with a luxe feel is Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Romeu Felipe. Renowned worldwide as a leading hair colorist and influencer highly sort after for his iconic blonde looks, Felipe embodies the true spirit of Wella Professionals, that of passion, on-going innovation, and an endless commitment to clients. Felipe is the creator of the ‘ICONIC BLONDE’ of some of the most famous Brazilian celebrities and is an expert in creating unique color techniques that enhance the natural beauty of salon clients. His devotion to such inspirational coloring techniques and unique craftsmanship continues to inspire the best techniques and products to ensure a client’s reassurance for the perfect desired result.  

Wella Professionals’ Takes Balayage into the Light introducing ILLUMINAGE

Balayage, meaning to sweep or to paint, requires the highest degree of mastery in free hand hair coloring that is still popular in providing 5 levels of contrast. ILLUMINAGE goes one step forward by offering up to 3 levels of contrast so that clients achieve a more natural and luminous balayage with a luxe feel. Clients therefore achieve a bespoke premium color that enhances natural beauty. To coincide with the release of ILLUMINAGE, Wella Professionals is also launching 4 new shades of ILLUMINA COLOR to expand the cool blonde range that the brand is loved for.

The perfect partner shades for ILLUMINAGE services include the new cool shade collection with Microlight technology, Wella Professionals most advanced technology against hair damage for a sheer color result with no animal derived ingredients.  The new shades include:

10/81 - Great for: Lightening natural hair up to 3 levels, offers neutralization on warm yellow and orange undertones to achieve clean sophisticated blondes. Also ideal for toning over pre-lightened hair to achieve those extra cool icy results.

9/19 - Great for: Gently neutralizing golden hues when lightening or to create a soft icy beige when toning pre-lightened hair. Use on natural hair to achieve natural beige blondes.

9/59 - Great for: Toning natural hair levels 7 and above for a delicate and slightly warmer raspberry hue. Try over previously pre-lightened hair for delicate blonde with slight blush cendre hue.

8/93 - Great for: Lightening natural hair on levels 5 and above. Beautiful for toning brunette illuminage to maintain soft and natural highs in the hair.