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Wella Company spotlights legacy of female entrepreneurship in company’s brands at first founders’ forum panel


(CALABASAS CA, November 15, 2022)—Global beauty leader Wella Company hosted an inspiring discussion spotlighting anecdotes and wisdom from the unique journeys of several of the company’s brand founders. The panel discussion was held at the firm’s Calabasas Office and Studio.

Stephanie Mehta, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Content Officer of Mansueto Ventures (parent company of Fast Company and Inc.) facilitated the panel featuring the beauty company’s iconic female entrepreneurs. Sharing their wisdom and perspectives were Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, co-founder of the leading nail brand OPI; Nancy Twine, creator of the newest addition to the Wella Company family of brands, the clean beauty brand Briogeo, and Wella Company CEO, Annie Young-Scrivner.

The live event covered topics including enabling women leaders to succeed, challenges unique to female entrepreneurs, learning from setbacks, building a high-performing company culture, and motivating teams with purpose. Each participant was propelled by a unique vision.

Ms. Mehta commented, “In what are still challenging times for women, it’s inspirational to hear these stories of obstacles overcome and dreams realized.”

OPI Co-Founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann advised attendees to blend imagination and discipline into their business plans. “Beauty is serious business,” she said. “What other business brings joy and delight to customers every day?” Remarking too she shared: “Nails are the smallest canvas on which you can create your own art, your personal expression.”

Briogeo Founder and CEO Nancy Twine started her career in finance, but ultimately looked closer to home to create her dream: a line of all-natural, inclusive hair care products. “I was inspired by powerful women, including my mother, to create Briogeo,” she said. “I am happy to pass on some of that inspiration to other women.”

Eva Graham, founder of the hair thinning innovator Nioxin, had a last-minute conflict and was unable to attend. In advance of the event, she shared, “When I founded Nioxin, there were no solutions for fine and thinning hair like mine, so I had to create them. I want other women to understand how important it is to trust your own knowledge and instincts when you build a business.” She also shared one of her favorite thoughts, “God never gives you a dream without giving you the ability to achieve it. Never give up.”

“Dreaming big and working hard are some of the secrets to success that fuel me,” said Wella Company CEO Annie Young-Scrivner. “I’m proud to carry forward the legacy of industry legends and visionaries like Suzi, Nancy and Eva.”

In the audience to learn about developing women leaders were nearly 200 business leaders, beauty influencers, business and beauty media, and up-and-coming female executives.

About Wella Company

Wella Company is an innovative global leader in the beauty industry that combines 140 + years of earned wisdom and industry experience with the enthusiastic growth momentum of a newly minted independent entity. Now marking two years as a stand-alone company, Wella Company is one of the fastest growing companies in the beauty sector.

The company has a portfolio of iconic professional and retail hair, nail, and cutting-edge beauty tech brands. and serves legions of artists and owners across the professional hair and nail community in more than 100 countries where it operates.

Each day, a diverse community of more than 91 million beauty lovers and industry professionals, social influencers, ambassadors, followers, employees, and customers engage with and are impacted by Wella Company products across the globe. This is our Wella Family.

With the belief that business can be a catalyst for positive change, Wella Company acts to enable people, organizations, and societies to collectively prosper. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is at the core of Wella Company’s purpose-led agenda. Within that, Sustainability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are fundamental to who we are, how we operate and how we support the industry and communities we serve.

ESG and commercial growth are inherently connected to how we measure our value. Wella Company is building the best beauty company in the industry, ensuring that when the industry thrives, we thrive. And as we make progress on our agenda to care for our planet, and leave a positive impact on society, we will become a champion for change whose legacy will be worthy of our iconic history.

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