Unlimited personalization made possible through creativity Introducing Luxelights from Wella Professionals


A root touch-up upgrade for a color with luxurious dimensions, subtle lights and soft shadow.

Take full advantage of this seasons color palette, while trying a new alternative to full head saturated color results with the introduction of Luxelights, a root touch-up upgrade with personalized lightness for dimensional color. Moving away from heavy, block color results or contrasting shades, Luxelights upgrades gray coverage, bringing a natural sunkissed look without a dramatic transformation. By doing so, Luxelights also allows for unlimited personalization, individuality and self-expression, giving a signature look, while keeping it unique to everyone. Luxelights also enables clients to enhance and their look with subtle and natural color results using multi-tonal highs and lows within hair than may give a more refreshed appearance.

The color palette for this semester has been carefully pieced together to offer a range of natural warm and cool shades to choose from to give the root area a subtle shadow or definition. Cool just got cooler, as we are releasing 4 new Koleston Perfect shades to the Pure Naturals lineup: 55/02, 66/02, 77/02 and 88/02 which offer 100% cool, opaque gray coverage, perfect for resistant hair. These intense cool tones are great for neutralization and really excel when used in combination with any root touch-up service, perfect to try out with the new Luxelights service.

For a quick, convenient and personalized service with a premium finish, the three-step Luxelights service includes:

Step 1 (Luxelights): Break up over-saturated lengths and ends. Take large weaves and apply Blondor formula away from the root.

Step 2 (Roots): Add a shadowed root or cover your client’s regrowth.

Step 3 (Gloss): Add tone and perfect shine with a glossing service.

The result enriches the root area with a soft shadowy effect and reveals natural looking highs and lows throughout the lengths and ends. A simple gray coverage upgrade for more natural, personalized color results.

Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist Renya Xydis (@renyaxydis) and Wella Professionals Digital Stylist Influencer Matthias Herzberg (@matherzberg) are the creative force behind Luxelights. Sharing a passion for achieving optimal results in color, cut and styling, they continue to strive for perfection by introducing new and original salon services.

We encourage any stylists feeling inspired, creative, or just looking to add a new tool to experiment with Luxelights, to take gray coverage to the next level through added personalization.