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Clairol Unveils It's So Me 2024: A Celebration of Self-Expression through Innovative Hair Color


The latest campaign update, along with new products and influencer partnerships, continues the brand’s celebration of its community of empowered DIY beauty lovers.

Clairol, renowned for being the go-to brand for surprisingly easy at-home hair color, continues to redefine beauty boundaries. Building on the success of the It's So Me platform first unveiled in 2023, Clairol is set to embark on a new phase in 2024, championing the joy of hair color and its ability to unleash the authentic individual. The campaign update features new product launches and influencer activities aimed at empowering at-home colorists.

The It's So Me campaign showcases the authenticity, creativity, and joy that Clairol's products bring to users, celebrating the art of at-home hair coloring. Exciting new products, aimed at delivering amazing color results for diverse hair types, include:

Bold & Bright

Make way for unstoppable color intensity and ultra moisturized shiny hair with show-stopping bright shades in the new Clairol Bold & Bright collection. This collection of 12 vibrant shades contains Clairol’s unique TrueColorSeal™ technology, which helps lock color in and ensures it stays vibrant for longer. Included is HydraShine Conditioner which leaves hair gorgeously glossy and moisturized. The Bold & Bright collection also comes with a Color Boost Glaze in each kit, to give an added color boost when needed.

Textures & Tones

Did you know there is a permanent color range specifically for curly, coily hair types? Say hello to the improved formula and new look of Clairol Textures & Tones. Comprising 12 shades of brilliant intense color, the zero-ammonia formula has been pumped with argan and olive oil to deliver much-needed moisture and vibrancy that lasts. Designed together with textured hair experts and color specialists, the combination of a moisture-rich formula and intensive moisturizing mask leaves hair shiny, glossy, and feeling soft to the touch.

Pure Brunettes

Nice’n Easy permanent hair color has gained a reputation as being the go-to at home color brand and the new Nice’n Easy Pure Brunettes collection will make this offering even stronger. Six new permanent brunette shades, all with an innovative Detox+Pure Tone system, contribute to a long-lasting pure and vibrant color. The Detox+Pure Tone system starts with a pre-color cleanser that purifies the hair from metal. Next, the professional dye complex and intensive treatment protects the hair from impurities that can get in the way of pure color results, and a final conditioning treatment, enriched with antioxidants, creates a shield to preserve lustrous brunette tones.

Clairol Total Root Touch-Up

At-home hair coloring has been elevated to a whole new level thanks to the new Total Root Touch-Up. This is the perfect solution to extend the life of salon color from root to tip. A collection of 8 new shades that has been inspired by some of the world’s most attractive destinations, brings to life the colors and imagery of each place. Such as Tuscany Medium Brown – reminiscent of early autumn in the Italian countryside, or Malibu Medium Blonde, like the warm sunshine of southern California.

Total Root Touch-Up is a permanent color range that offers 100% grey coverage. It has an ammonia-free & vegan formula that’s super easy for even the most novice home colorist to create amazing results at home. Not only does each pack contain everything needed to color the hair, but there’s also a nourishing color mask to instantly boost vibrancy from root to tip.

A global lineup of influencers shares their personal journeys, highlighting how hair color can be a powerful tool for authentically finding joy. Meet the faces of Clairol It’s So Me:

Nkenge Brown @itsnkenge – uses Textures & Tones shade Honey Blonde (6G)

Nkenge is a much-loved creator who has become a brand fan through working with Clairol on previous campaigns. A lifestyle content creator, photographer, and influencer based in New York City, Nkenge has a love for travel, fashion, and photography. Nkenge didn’t always love her hair but now she has taken the time to learn how to care for it and style it the way she wants and not by society’s standards. She isn’t afraid to take risks and make bold color choices, especially when she has Clairol by her side.

Michelle Posada @michelleposada – uses Bold & Bright shade Caramel Blonde (71)

Michelle Posada is a Miami based businesswoman, actress, best-selling cookbook author, influencer, mom of twins, and chef of her own restaurant, “Michi's”. Her success as a creator sharing healthy food, lifestyle, and motherhood content has made her a role model within her community. She’s gone through many hair transformations and isn’t afraid to test out different hairstyles and colors.

Antonella Gonzalez @antosports – uses Bold & Bright shade Intense Passion Plum (V3)

Antonella is a Miami based content creator and experienced sports journalist. Antonella has always considered her hair to be an incredibly important part of her identity. She feels blessed to have an abundance of long, beautiful hair and takes great pride in it. Like many women, Antonella has an emotional connection with her hair, and it’s become her signature feature.

Lola Pfaehler @byohlola – uses Bold & Bright shade Chocolate (67)

Lola is a Miami based content creator and mother of two. Her hair is her crown, and she’s constantly playing with her hair color, going from brunette to blonde with many other shades in between, and loves the different ways she can express her mood and fashion through her hair.

Together, Michelle, Antonella, and Lola run a podcast, More Than Mamis, where they share their stories as moms of TWO! Looking for that balance of being the best mother for their children, without leaving aside their life as women, wives, friends, and professionals.

Nush Cope @nushcope – uses Nice’n Easy Pure Brunettes shade Light Pure Brown (6.5PB)

Already a much-loved Clairol partner, Nush is a content creator, host, and all-round super-mom of two. Nush helped launch Clairol’s It’s So Me campaign back in early 2023 and is continuing to experiment with her hair color.

Debbie Le @debbielegrainger – uses Nice’n Easy Pure Brunettes shade Medium Blush Brown (5BB)

Debbie is a former fashion buyer and stylist turned blogger and content creator. A mom of two living in London, Debbie takes great pride in taking care of her hair and as she’s gotten older, has turned to Clairol to help keep her color looking fresh and glossy, giving her an added boost of confidence.

Franki Dammone @franki.dammone – uses Nice’n Easy Pure Brunettes shade Dark Pure Brown (4PB)

Franki is a Yorkshire-based fashion and lifestyle creator and mum of two. Franki was born with a head of thick and dark hair, which she accredits to her Italian heritage and now considers her very own security blanket. She’s developed a love for the brand, having worked on previous campaigns and relies on Clairol to help keep her hair looking and feeling great and for keeping her greys at bay.

With such a diverse range of new products hitting the shelves, Clairol’s portfolio encompasses the It’s So Me ethos, offering a hair color solution for every type and texture. What’s not to love?

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The pioneer in hair color, Clairol was the original company that brought hair color to the U.S., and the first to bring retail innovation to the masses with the launch of the first ever hair color sold in retail stores for at-home use back in the 1950’s. Since then, the brand has transcended generations with rich innovations, from the launch of Nice’n Easy, a revolutionary shampoo-in color, to the launch of Natural Instincts as the first hair color to include plant-derived and natural ingredients in the 1990s, to Root Touch-Up, the first root touch up product to hit the beauty aisles in the 2000’s. Clairol’s mission is simple: to make every woman feel beautiful and confident and help her live colorfully through accessible, easy-to-use products. The color expert, Clairol strives to offer a color solution for every need. For more information, visit

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