Achieve the Ultimate Blonde Expression in Illuminated Contrasts Introducing Brazilian Illuminage from Wella Professionals


Wella Professionals continues to advance product innovation and offer exclusive state-of-the-art premium salon services with the launch of its 2 new services ILLUMINAGE and BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE co-developed with Wella Global Ambassador Romeu Felipe.

From soft and natural with ILLUMINAGE to bold sweeping panels with BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE, these services take the blonde aesthetic to the next level as premium salon services that build on the current trend of balayage. ILLUMINAGE details and accentuates areas within the hair to create naturally blended highs and lows. It’s all about a luminous result. BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE creates a shadowed root with threads of lightness to blend into brightened ends. Allowing clients to stay true to their roots while celebrating lightness, BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE frames the face beautifully to offer the perfect service for those that seek clarity and brightness.

Achieve the Ultimate Blonde Expression in Illuminated Contrasts Introducing Brazilian Illuminage from Wella Professionals

Embracing the popularity of balayage and blonding services that continue to evolve and grow, Wella Professionals presents the brand’s new color movement: from “Balayage to Illuminage”, taking balayage into the light as it advances the lightening and toning services with a diverse color palette. Featuring an array of light and natural shades, the varied color palette ensures stylists are fully equipped with the inspiration and knowledge needed to achieve the most beautiful blondes. The palette focuses on subtle pale shades complimented by natural deeper tones to allow stylists to explore the opportunities in multi-dimensional color results, much like Illuminage. From bright blondes and peachy tones, to darker brunettes and fun silvers, the color palette offers a wide range of colors for stylists to play with and combine in order to achieve looks inspired by this season’s color movement. On the crest of its new brand purpose ‘make change’, Wella Professionals extends an invitation to stylists to discover this season’s new color movement, showcasing the broad ways in which to lighten and tone a client’s hair. This semester’s manifesto is: “Don’t just color hair, illuminate it”.

The mastermind behind ILLUMINAGE and BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE is none other than the man renowned worldwide for inspiring an evolution in blonde hair coloring. Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Romeu Felipe takes balayage to a new and exciting level of natural luminosity. As a continuum to the elegant and soft transitions of ILLUMINAGE, BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE now allows you to choose a strong, extrovert face-framing for a more expressive illuminated contrast. Felipe is the creator of the ‘ICONIC BLONDE’ of some of the most famous Brazilian celebrities and is an expert in creating unique color techniques that enhance the natural beauty of salon clients. His devotion to such inspirational approaches to color and his unique craftsmanship continues to inspire the best techniques and products to ensure a client’s reassurance for the perfect desired result.  

Lightening is at the forefront as stylists create expressive illuminated contrast with the stunning signature looks of BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE. To coincide with the launch of BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE, Wella Professionals introduces BLONDORPLEX, the perfect tool to allow stylists to elevate their craft. The multi award winning Blondor lightening powder is now boosted with the magic of bonding WellaPlex technology. Wella first launched Blondor powder in 1933. Since its inception, Wella has continuously upgraded the line up decade after decade offering a full stream of innovations to improve the lift performance of Blondor with the constant attention to minimize hair damage. Almost one hundred years later Blondor launches BLONDORPLEX now pre-mixed with WellaPlex technology and creates 97% less breakage* when it is used with Wellaplex N2*. Combining the powerful benefits of the BLONDORPLEX technology with the expertise of Romeu Felipe, there is no longer the fear of damage thanks to BLONDORPLEX followed by Wellaplex N2 for no compromise on lift. As a result, Wella Professionals continues to uphold their reputation as the authoritative voice of color.

BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE consists of a 3-step color service:

  1. Lighten with BLONDORPLEX and use ILLUMINAGE highlight papers for application and development. This enables precision application.
  2. Shadow the root in your second step.
  3. Tone or gloss with Illumina Color in your third step (Color Touch is recommended for curly hair).

Stylists can wow their clients with BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE while combining the powerful benefits of BLONDORPLEX to relish in the growing popularity of blonde looks. Attractive and aspirational, being blonde has stood the test of time and as ILLUMINAGE and BRAZILIAN ILLUMINAGE demonstrate, will continue to endure as a staple in the world of hair and beauty.

* When using Wellaplex n.2 with Blondorplex, vs Blondorplex alone